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This transit can be unpredictable, but you can expect your conversations to go well with minimal conflict. Ask for what you want. Now is the time to remember all that you have to offer the world — you just have to go out and make it happen. On Thursday, August 15 , there's a full moon in Aquarius. While you like to stay in, ignore the world, and spend time with your one true love, Aquarius often forgets about their one true love because they're out there trying to save the world.

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Use some of this energy to further your professional ideas. You're a very creative sign, and you're good at making money. Mars, the planet of fucking and fighting, enters perfectionist Virgo on Saturday, August You may find colleagues to be overly critical. Unfortunately, your ruling planet Venus also enters Virgo on Wednesday, August Venus rules love and relationships so you might find yourself on both the receiving and giving end of unwanted criticism from romantic partners.

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Try not to take everything personally and practice some verbal self-restraint. Virgo season officially begins on Friday, August Remember that there are many wonderful things about Virgo; they do much more than just nitpick.

In fact, it's the sign of intelligence, so you may find yourself making more practical decisions in both your professional and private life. It's a time in which you'll look back on all you've accomplished and feel proud of your growth.

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Any tension between colleagues, friends, and lovers will be sorted out when communication planet Mercury comes home to its own sign, Virgo, on Thursday, July People will speak plainly and directly to one another. Get cute and cozy with your love, as you'll both want to be honest about what you mean to one another. Continue having sex and exploring intimacy, but keep your phone nearby on Friday, August There's even more exciting career news coming your way. You'll want to be as relaxed and as ready as possible.

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